After the Holiday Madness

I forgive myself for not writing since my first post, mostly because I don’t believe anyone even read my first post and because of Holiday Madness… in any case the Holidays have come and gone and I am trying to return to some normalcy.

I made all of my Christmas gifts this year and what I learned was to start earlier because I came in just under the wire for people I absolutely had to give gifts to and missed some people I didn’t have to but would have liked to given gifts to.

Let me share some of the hilights of what I made this year. I don’t have pictures of everything but I do have pics of a lot of things.

For my Mom and Dad I made them both smaller lap quilts. Here is a picture of the one I made for my Mom:

For my Brother and sort of Brother in Law (My significant other’s brother) I made magnetic sets of Refrigerator Poetry/note sets:

For my friends Son Jackson and their Daughter Molly I made a Super-hero cape and a doll Monkey:


For my sort of Sister in Law (my significant other’s brother’s new wife)

I also made three bracelets. A multi-media 8X10 canvas, another superhero cape for another boy, Christmas Crack (kind of like heath bars), An Eye-Spy kids game, Several sets of mini magnets and a rice bag (can be heated or cooled) for headaches and aches/pains. Phew… and I am sure I am forgetting a few of the small extras. I had a pretty busy crafting season.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the pics my imaginary readers!


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