New Shirt, New Dress – teaching myself to sew one item at a time.

Okay so in between my whimsy swap and the holiday madness, Mister Boy and I went to dog sit for his Auntie. While there I got a few projects under way and pretty much done… the exception is that I have hemmed neither the shirt nor the dress yet. I actually wore the dress the other day to a get together we had here at the house and I just pinked the end of the dress instead of hemming it figuring I would get to it later. So the dress is a wee bit wrinkly in the pictures and missing its finished hem but I’ll get to it I was just in a hurry on Saturday. The brown shirt is cute but the satin I made it out of wasn’t really the best quality (I did get it red tag from JoAnn’s) so in hindsight I think I would have liked the shirt much better in a different material and a size smaller as I think it is too big for me… I know its supposed to be loose but it is too loose and I think a size smaller would have been a better fit. That’s okay though because I learned a lot about gathers in making it and putting in casings. The shirt has three casings (on the sleeves each and one around the waist). I figure it was a good learning experience and the next time I make the pattern I will make it from different fabric. Oh I should mention too the dress is actually supposed to have different sleeves with gathers both at the top and the bottom of the sleeve but after ripping them out 2 times and not liking the way they looked on me (I can only call them Strawberry shortcake sleeves) I decided to go my own route on the sleeves and was very pleased with the end outcome. The dress is fully lined and very comfortable. I think I must have lost some weight over the holidays for once because I actually had to take in the side seams on the dress too even though it was my normal size 12.

Also as a side note, I believe Valentines is my favorite fabric holiday the prints for it are just too too cute… wait until I make the other prints I got into something with it.

Without further a do I give you brown shirt and heart dress.


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