What you can do with the smallest ordinary things!

So also for my whimsy swap I need to make 3 handcrafted whimsies. I had been thinking about something I wanted to try for a while so I whipped up a few tonight to see how the idea worked. I have to say it was easy and really cute. One of the things I love about crafting is taking the ordinary and making it into something new and kind of clever. Also this craft… unbelievably cheap! I got the clothes pins at Walmart (yeah yeah I hate it but when you want clothespins for an experiment at 10pm where else are you going to go) they were a 1.54 for 100 I think… if I ever make and sell this I will splurge and get some somewhere else as these are a little loose in the hinge so if you’re not careful you can pull the handles a little out of alignment, now they move right back and it doesn’t affect them at all its just a matter of wanting a little more quality.

So here is what I did… Understand I had to take most of the photos at an angle to prevent glare so that’s why you can see the backs and the sides of the wood, whenyou look at them straight on you can’t see any of the wood.

They are made by just using regular old clothes pins, some fancy paper, pictures, buttons etc whatever embellishments you like and a little bit of sticky magnetic tape cut to fit the width of the wood on the back. I have three of them holding up the card with my username on them but one can easily hold it up by itself, I was just having a hard time squishing them close enough to get a good pic of them all at the same time. I love them and think they’re too cute, hopefully my swap partner will too.



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