What I have been up to craft wise!

So Warning and disclaimer if your name is Kate and we are currently partnered in a swap on Craftsters then you shouldn’t read this post any further lol.

Okay everyone else… here’s what I have been working on, or at least some of it anyway…

A knitting needle roll (can also be used for paint brushes or whatever else) it was on my partner’s wist and I had the skull fabric so I figured I’d give it a whirl as I have never made one and had no pattern I just winged it on my own. There are three tiers for needles as well as the bottom tier has a few wider slots for circular needles and double ended needles. My Partner had said she liked tattoo art as well so I printed off some tattoo art I had (I didn’t draw them but I did color several of them in photoshop first as they had been black and white). I printed them off on iron on fabric and ironed them on. Anyway here it is (Can click on the pics for bigger pics!)

Also my first Altered Art puzzle made from a Dollar Store Nemo puzzle that had 25 pieces

And a half apron

And a couple cute spring purses:

And a ton of other small things but I haven’t taken pics of them yet…. so that’s what I have been up to how about you?


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