Hiatus Over

So I had a hiatus from blogging but it is over now. It was a busy year, moved into a new house and just got engaged! We haven’t set a date yet still too busy to even sit down and think about it let alone plan for it and not sure exactly what sort of wedding we want anyway.

I took a smaller hiatus from crafting and swapping, I didn’t do any swaps until recently and while I still crafted my projects were smaller and not as many. I am getting back into the swing of things now, have a brand new craft room all set up and raring to go which is exciting to have a place for all my supplies! Putting together the new craft room made me realize 2 things, I have a lot of craft supplies and I need a lot more!

I have managed during my hiatus to pick up 2 new crafts, I have started embroidering and locker hooking. I had always thought embroidery was too intimidating and hard looking but I have been pleased to discover its actually pretty easy to start and I have even gotten a couple of friends started on it too! Locker Hooking is pretty easy too but time consuming if you start a big project like a rug…

If you’re looking for books to get into embroidery I have to recommend the Doodle Stitching series by Aimee Ray and anything by Jennie Hart. They have become my gotos for teaching myself this new craft. You can find their books on Amazon.

Next post I’ll put in some pictures of my latest craft exploits.


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