Mad Hatter Tea

So my friend we’ll call her PinkTurtle, had a birthday party at our house since she is currently going to school to become a nurse and living at home with her parents she didn’t have the room to do it at her place so we offered ours and to help with all the preparty stuff. It turned out pretty fab even if I do say so myself, as it often is in our house I headed the decoration department and my other roommate headed the food department and Pinkturtle oversaw everything and help/planned things in both departments.

It was a Mad Hatter themed Tea, though technically as some of the food was not traditional tea food it was more like a garden party. We served two types of professionally blended teas (teas were blended from several teas by the professionals at TeaVanna, a little expensive but delicious and worth it!). We also served several juices and lemonades in cute glass bottles that doubled as pretty decorations on the tables.

The foods were delicious and while it initially took a while to plan the menu I think it came out pretty great, my favorite was the extra garlicy cucumber and rosemary tea sandwichs.

We served:

Cucumber and rosemary sandwichs

extra garlicy cucumber and rosemary sandwichs

Salmon and caper cream sandwichs

turkey sandwiches

Goat cheese and tomato sandwiches

Caprese Salad


Lemon and Poppy seed scones with Lemon Curd and Devonshire Cream

Shortbread cookies with buttercream icing (and adorable wafer papers of old fashioned alice in wonderland pictures)

Chocolate cups with Chocolate Java Mousse (with gum paste suits in the top, ie diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs)

Cream Puffs

Chocolate dipped Strawberries (with the card suits then painted on in different shade of chocolate)

Pineapple Youthberry Tea (blended from 3 or 4 different teas professionally)

Almond Java Biscotti Black Tea (Blended from 3 teas professionally)

Regular and Pink Lemonade


Assorted fancy sodas

I was glad I was in the decorations department and only asked to help a little with the cooking that’s a lot of work! But it was delicious! And I tasted many of the items preparty to make sure they weren’t poison of course!

For decorations we started early scouring the goodwill and yardsales and sales at stores for things we wanted and could use. You may have seen the cupcake stands in the previous post but we ran into a few issues with them. The first glue we used (tough as nails) didn’t make as strong a seal as we would have liked so we pryed them apart and brought home some new glue (Household goop at Michael’s for about 4$) this worked perfect and dried clear, except that PinkTurtle was already feeling impatient and so didn’t measure where the candle sticks should go on the plates and by the time I noticed the glue had already dried so some of the stands were really crooked and wonky looking/ We also ran out of glue#2 before we were finished so PinkTurtle said she’d get some on her way over on our next crafting day, but instead of going back to get the same glue she got a different glue (Gorilla Glue) at target because Michael’s wasn’t open and she didn’t want to wait. So then PinkTurtle either reads the directions and ignores them or doesn’t read them at all (there is some confusion on this) and does not dampen the surfaces as the glue says you must for it to work and just glues the remaining candlesticks and plates together, we come back hours later and the glue is not even close to set so I read the instructions and get something to dampen with and glue starts to foam and set. The problem is it is a foaming glue that does not dry clear like the other glue so when the glue finally dries it looks like someone who had strep throat came along and hocked a snot wad on the plates. I tell PinkTurtle if I went to a fancy tea and saw that on a plate I wouldn’t eat the food at all. So we’re kind of thinking we need to figure out how to save the plates or we will have to throw them away and start over and we don’t really have time to do this. So Pinkturtle uses an exacto knife and scrapes off what she can of the offensive looking snotglue and I decide to decopague the plates in tissue of different colors. They come out looking better but a bit cartoony which is fine as it is a mad hatter tea, then I embellish them and they come out looking a lot better… still not up to my standards but so much better than they did and at least salvageable. Of course as mod podge isn’t food safe and I have had to decoupage the entire plates including the tops I insist we lay down plastic wrap before putting any food on it. PinkTurtle and Louisiana (my roommate who did the cooking) always laugh at me and my use of safety precautions and worriedness about food safety but at least they tolerate this quirk of mine and no one has died at any of our dinner parties yet.

Here are some of the cakestands finished

We also had bought about 10 different metal lanterns and hung them in our large live oak in the corner of our back yard we got little LED candles for them and it was gorgeous! We also hung about 20 other brightly colored paper lantern balls in the rest of the trees throughout the yard and filled them with LED candles too so pretty. We strung 4 strings of white twinkle lights along the back fance and then covered each light with mini brightly colored paper lanterns. Along the sides of the fence I stuck gigantic playing cards and then stuck on 4 decks of regular playing cards around the big ones and on the tree trunks of the trees in the yard. We also had some hanging decorations on the porch little colored spirals that had a card hanging off of them.

The tables (of which we had 3, 5 people, 5 people and 4 people respectively) were covered with old laces and striped or checkered materials, each table had candleabras, colored juices in interesting bottles, big heart doilies as placemats in pink and red, mismated and funky teacups and saucers with people’s name tags attached to the handles (the teacups were for the guests to take home if they wanted to as a reminder of the party).  The Birthday girl, PinkTurtle had the chair of honor, a large settee on which she could stretch out and watch  her party but she had to share it with our dog lol who loves her.

Guests snacked and chatted (those extra garlicy cucumber sandwichs went fast next time we make twice as many) and eventually everyone moved around from table to table and had fun visiting with everyone.

Later on in the evening there was even a small impromptu ghost hunt with a maglight out by the pool (something a few of us had seen Chip Coffey do at his lecture to try to communicate with ghosts).

All in all a great party!


Purse and cupcake stands

So my friend Cynthia hasn’t had a birthday party since she was 15, she is currently living with her parents while she goes to school to be a nurse so she didn’t really have the room at her place to have a bday party so we offered to let her have one at our house. She chose a great theme, a Mad Hatter Tea Party.  So we’ve been working on decorations and I thought I’d share one of the cute things we made.

We scoured the goodwill for funky plates and candleholders to make our cupcake/tea sandwiches stands and here is how they came out (the pic is a little crooked as the table they are on is on an incline but you get the idea):


Also she asked for a purse like mine for her bday, so I let her pick the fabric and then made it here it is:


Still working on my chair and other various projects especially things for the tea party but figured it was time for a small update.





New adventure

So I am starting a new adventure… I used to watch my mom haul things home from garage sales as a kid and redo them to look awesome, I especially remember her redoing a huge chest for quilts and such it was ugly but then after a week in our basement with my mom it was born anew! Last Saturday I went out with my friend Cynthia and we stopped at a few yardsales, I found this chair at an estate sale they wanted 15$ but I dickered them down to 10$ and home I went with it. I  would like its hideous kitchiness if it was clean or I thought I could clean it up but since I wasn’t I decided I was going to attempt my first real reupholster of it.

Here is the before shots:

Here is an up close pic so you can see the grime in the fabric and why I wouldn’t just use it as is:

Not to mention I would have had to paint or stain the wood which is all scratched without getting any on the chair.

It was quite some doing to get the seat out and the front back of the chair off but here is what the start of this adventure looks like, I can only pray the end of the adventure will look way better!

And the cushions now removed:

I intend to pull the rest of the nails and staples sand the wood all down and paint it a high gloss black (2 cans of high gloss black spray paint for furniture cost me 99 cents a piece at walmart). The new fabric will be this:

Click on the picture below to see a good pic of the fabric the thumbnail doesn’t do it justice and looks funny!!

It’s an Alexander Henry fabric I got on the cheap at SAS our local super bargin basement fabric/sewing store.

Anyway I’ll keep you posted on my adventure and whether it was worth the 10$ or not. In my mind’s eye the finished product looks awesome let’s see if I can execute it 🙂

Embroidery Adventures

So here are my first two embroidered pieces. The fan girl is for a friend to commemorate her bday trip to vegas, the sugar skull is my 1st piece done on a dollar store dishtowel. Always practice on something cheap first!

Here are some recent Inchies I have been working on. They look kind of hinky in the photo because a lot of them are done with glitter which unfortunately just doesn’t photograph well no matter how hard I try.


Hiatus Over

So I had a hiatus from blogging but it is over now. It was a busy year, moved into a new house and just got engaged! We haven’t set a date yet still too busy to even sit down and think about it let alone plan for it and not sure exactly what sort of wedding we want anyway.

I took a smaller hiatus from crafting and swapping, I didn’t do any swaps until recently and while I still crafted my projects were smaller and not as many. I am getting back into the swing of things now, have a brand new craft room all set up and raring to go which is exciting to have a place for all my supplies! Putting together the new craft room made me realize 2 things, I have a lot of craft supplies and I need a lot more!

I have managed during my hiatus to pick up 2 new crafts, I have started embroidering and locker hooking. I had always thought embroidery was too intimidating and hard looking but I have been pleased to discover its actually pretty easy to start and I have even gotten a couple of friends started on it too! Locker Hooking is pretty easy too but time consuming if you start a big project like a rug…

If you’re looking for books to get into embroidery I have to recommend the Doodle Stitching series by Aimee Ray and anything by Jennie Hart. They have become my gotos for teaching myself this new craft. You can find their books on Amazon.

Next post I’ll put in some pictures of my latest craft exploits.

Owl Always be your Friend – Punch Needle Embroidery my 1st attempt

So I decided to give punch needle embroidery a try. I bought a kit in JoAnn’s (have to buy the needle punch and the embroidery hoop seperately which prolly cost me about 5 bucks altogether, but the kit comes with the fabric, design and thread you’ll need). I have to say once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy going and certainlyt something you could easily do while watching TV at night. It is also not as hard on your wrist/hand as actual hand sewing.  Anyway here are pics of my 1st needle punch project.

Close up of detail

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