Crafty preferences/Gifty ideas for Swaps etc

I will update this page as I think of stuff

I am often asked by friends and family what I’d like for my birthday or Christmas and I always feel weird making a list, or asking for stuff, the best gift I have is the relationships with my family and friends already. I also often enter craft swaps on and even though we fill out questionnaires often times more info would be helpful. So I created this page to cover both those instances and give people an idea of the stuff I like and want or need. I have included many links for inspiration and examples of the things I have listed but do not expect any of those things to be bought for me or sent in swaps. I mean I surely wouldn’t complain lol,  but they are more for providing information for people who may not be familiar with the items/terms or inspiration for ideas of gifts for holidays or craft stuff for swaps. Some of the links go to expensive items (like the crafts I want to learn) and who wouldn’t love to get a complete kit but I’d honestly be happy with bits or extras you have from the kits. For instance if you look at the felting kits and realize you have some spare wool roving or an extra needle for felting I’d be thrilled to get that in a swap. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, both family/friends and fellow swappers do not feel obligated to buy, make or fulfill a total kit or anything else on this page, but instead use the links for ideas, crafting inspiration, gift inspiration, or a list of extras you might have parts of to pass along in a swap or lying around unused.

Keep it fun for you:

Feel free to be creative and use the links for inspiration or go your own way totally off the list, there’s a billion things not here on this page that I’d love to have or receive so don’t feel that you have to go off of this page by any means but if you need some ideas it is here to help. Also feel free to send me an email if you have questions about anything.


Any of the links that go to are free and legitimate places to watch the shows (they pay for it by adding in commercials albeit less and for not as long as regular tv) so no need to feel guilty for watching! Same with the Brad Neely site (Babycakes and the Professor Brothers).

Other Places to Stalk me for ideas:

Wist: Here

Wishlist: Here

Craftster: By Topics I have posted, My user Profile

Cut out & Keep: Here

My Etsy Shop: Here (just starting it out)

My Website for interesting webpages

Personal Swaps:

I do love personal Swaps!!! I have done personal swaps and am happy to provide references of people I have swapped with and I have no negative swap feedback on my profile at craftster and have been in many swaps on there. If you’re interested PM me (Slyfox) on craftster and we’ll chat about it.

Sorry I am Just Not into:

Harry Potter anything, pop music, Twilight anything (I think Edward is abusive and the series was written by an idiot who used too many adverbs, also I love Vampires but they shouldn’t go out in the day or sparkle) I am a Twihater for sure. Nascar, Sports in general unless I am playing them myself, Video games, fake felt food for kids (I don’t mind stuffies of like happy toast but I mean that felt food you’d give kids to play in their fake kitchen).

General Likes:

Kitsch, Retro (especially 40s & 50s), Monsters, Pin-up girls, Rockabilly clothing, Steampunk, Geeky, Gamer stuff (roleplaying games like table top and Larp, ESPECIALLY DEADLANDS!!!! Things like  pretty dice, dice tray (except pretty and decorated) etc), Rainbows, Artwork, altered art, ATCs, Inchies (or any variation of), animals, mythology, fantasy, faeries, fairy tales (especially the cautionary or darker ones), glitter, unusual things, girly stuff, Fabrics (my favorite like!), Costume Jewelry, Poetry, Quotes, Books, Magazines, Music, NPR, Old Jazz, Big Band, rocks, My beloved home state of Maine! Any and All Crafting supplies!!!!

More Specific Crafting themes I dig (things you could draw inspiration from) in no particular order:

Skulls, Pirates, Mermaids, Lady Bugs, Peacocks, tattoo art, swallows, rainbows, Foxes (hence my user name SlyFox), Fairy Tales, Sugar Skulls, Dragon Flies, hedgehogs, Stars, Hearts, clovers, cats, baby chicks, anything sparkly or glittery,  sequins, Robots, Monsters, owls, Bumble Bees (so cute!), Fairies, elves, gnomes, Zombies, sea creatures (Starfish, seahorse, crab, lobster, squid, octopus, hermit crab, jellyfish, etc)

Things I would love to have made for me (in no particular order):

Clothing, Purses, Totes, Shrine, toys, stuffies (stuffed animal/doll etc),  toys, Wall Art, Altered Art (puzzles, wall art, books, game boards, etc it is all great!), Quilts, Cardigan, Reconstructed Sweater coat (Tutorial for one like it), scarf, shoes/slippers, costuming stuff, corset, cloak,  Journal, Cross stitch (especially love the subversive cross stitch (link is NSFW) I already have “Shut your whore mouth”, Embroidered somethings, Fabric books, jewelry (I have pierced ears and no metal allergies), decorated containers (tins, hat boxes, cigar boxes whatever else), Record bowl, Resin Casted stuff, felted things, soap,  Afghan, lap quilt, painted jeans or Converse/tennis shoes, belt,  decorations for my house (no particular color schemes and big 2 story house with loads of bare walls/ceilings to hang stuff so anything goes!), organizational stuff, handmade stuff, anything quirky cute or unusual, things for my cats, things for my boyfriend, Hair things (barrettes, bobbypins, fascinators etc),

Things I can make you:

Sewn things (Purses, totes, clothing, dolls, toys, etc), Coiled bowls, Stamped things, Note Cards, Wall Art, Altered art things, loom knitted things (want to learn real knitting in the future), magnetic things (Ransom poetry, Magnets for fridge), Robots, Monster/crazy creatures (sock monsters or otherwise), organizational stuff, decoupaged things, jewelry, fabric flowers and pins, Fabric books, rice filled bags for hot or cold compress/use, polymer clay stuff, Shrinky dinks, iron ons, Needle Punch Embroidery, I am also really good at seeing something and figuring out how to make it even if it is something or a craft I have never tried so I am open to trying new things if you have an idea of something else you’d like. I am pretty creative too so if you just give me a few themes I can always come up with my own ideas.

Some things I have made (and could make again for you) unfortunately this is just a smattering of pictures of my completed projects as I haven’t managed to get pics of everything before I have sent/given it away:

Coiled Bowls: Here and Here –                                                 Decoupaged Flower boxes: Here

Whimsy Fabric Books: Here and Here –                               Full Apron American Dinner: Here

Molly Monkey: Here –                                                                 Angry Robot/Happy Robot: Here

Superhero Cape: Here –                                                              Half Apron: Here

Refrigerator Ransom Poetry: Here –                    My 1st Altered art puzzle:  Here

Photo Magnet Clips: Here –                         Sprockets the Gnome (book page drawing): here

Pirate/Tattoo Knitting Needle Roll: Here Needle Punch Embroidery Owls: Here

Button Art of all sorts: Rainbow example: Here

More Specific Likes/dislikes by categories:

Likes TV:

Big Bang Theory links 1 & 2, The 4400 links 1 & 2, Community, 30 Rock, Glee, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, Jericho, Firefly, Trueblood, V, History Channel, Discovery Channel

Likes Tv Cartoons:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021, Home Movies (the Home Movies cartoon by Brendon Small on Cartoon Network at Night), The Simpsons, The Thunder Cats, Babycakes (Brad Neely found on the Internet), The Professor Brothers, Archer, The Venture Brothers, Futurama

Likes Movies:

Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Mirror Mask, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina (original), Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps Back, Dawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Old School, Grandma’s boy,  Old glamorous Hollywood Movies,  Zombedies (Zombie/Comedy Movies), Zombie Movies, Undead or Alive, Fido, Independent films, Shaun of the Dead, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Musicals, The African Queen, Bambi, Watership Down, Cool Hand Luke, Mad Max Beyond the Thunder Dome, Oh Brother where art thou,

Musicals (in no particular order)

Chorus Line, Camelot, Oklahoma, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors, Chicago, Wicked, Cats, Wizard of Oz, West Side Story, Annie get your gun, The Sound of Music



Gummy anythings, lifesavers, dove chocolates


Candy Corn, Circus Peanuts, Mexican Candies, anything with fake banana flavoring, horehound



Citrus (orange, lime, lemon), Cinnamon, light Lavender scents, Apple, mint, honey, spicy, chamomile, cucumber, clean, fresh, rain, ocean, rose


Musk, Patchouli, heavy or over powerful scents, old lady, cloying, sickly sweet



Soft, cotton, canvas, leather, silk, cutesy novelty prints, colorful, unusual, tulle, wool felt, cute flannel prints


licensed characters like Elmo, Sesame street, Disney (except the 7 dwarves) I like Disney stuff just not the fabrics generally, scratchy

Crafts I do:

Sewing (my favorite! I make a bit of everything from home accessories to clothes, purses, totes, baby stuff for friends, toys, stuffies pretty much everything), Altered Art, painting, inchies,  Mixed media, mosaics, loom knitting,  papercrafts, card making, polymer clay, jewelry makings, beading, paper mache`, Decoupage, Stamping, cooking, A little bit of everything. I have recently taken up embroidery and locker hooking and I love them!.

Crafts I want to Learn:

Resin casting, felting, spinning, stained glass, Silk screen printing, stenciling, candle making, soap making, Knitting,  Embroidery, doll making, metal working, just about everything!

Craft Supplies I need more of:

FABRIC!, Sewing notions, buttons, zippers, snaps, thread, quilter supplies (cutting mat, clear quilter or french rulers), fusible webbing, fusible interfacing (like Pellon in both heavy and light), pipe cleaners, paints (acrylic, watercolors), stamps, ink, ink pads, wool felt,  puzzle or puzzle pieces (wood puzzles are awesome but would take cardboard, dollar store, kid puzzles too! Doesn’t matter the picture as I use them for altered art puzzles (example is not my work but I love it) but good-sized pieces are best, puzzles with a 10 – 50 pieces are best), majhong tilesScrabble tiles, dominoes, board games and pieces even if missing some pieces, clothing patterns (I wear a 12 – 14 USA size, have large 38D bust), Other project patterns (purses, totes, accessories, toys, dolls etc), beads, charms, wire of all different sizes, cording for macrame, fabric paint, glow in the dark thread, Mod Podge (any type), Wool roving in any color(s) for felting, old cool books, old keys, little whimsies, paper, paper empherea (like old vintage cards, advertisements etc), old photos (sometimes found at yard sales), feathers (any kind but especially peacock and ostrich), findings for jewelry (ie clasps, wires, head pins, crimps, barrettes, etc), Knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, tins (like altoid tins), bottle caps, cigar boxes, wooden boxes, hat boxes, shadow boxes, magnets of all kinds, fabric paper of any type for an ink jet computer printer (any kind from iron-ons to sewable and everything in between), Polymer clay and Polyclay tools, ribbons, trim, embellishments of any type, old costume jewelry, old postcards, vintage cards, old postal stamps, Sharpies or other markers, Fabric markers, Glass paint, Watches, Sea Shells, Sand paper, tumbled rocks, rhinestones, stained glass, sea glass, Shrinky Dinks of all kinds especially the kind I can inkjet print on, Embroidery floss, Cotton floss, Alcohol Ink & products, Aileen’s paper glaze, anything else you have lying around trust me I can find a use for it!

Big wish Supply/tool items (not all are expensive or big in size) for:

Fabrics! Buttons, Beads, Patterns, Sweater/knitting Machine, Bias tape maker, big rotary cutting mat, laminator, light box, wood burner, power tools, wood carving tools, drill, Alcohol based inks & products, glow in the dark thread for machine sewing or embroidery

Craft Supplies I do not currently need:

None. lol I always need everything it seems!

My Sizes/Misc Info about me:

Bust: 38 D (so larger shirts are good lol)

USA Women’s clothing: 14

Shoes: 8 (would love some painted Converse, or Tennis shoes, or blank ones to embellish)

Height: 5’2 on a big Texas Hair Day

Ring Size: 8

Hair/Eyes: Dark Brown or Red usually/Brownish

Favorite Colors: All Blues, Green, red, rainbow, chocolate-brown, black, all Pinks, pretty much all colors but I am not crazy about most neons.

Lucky Number: 4

Birthday: May 9th

Kids: None

Misc: I was born and raised in Maine (the most beautiful and wonderful place in the world to me), I currently live in Arizona somewhere near Phoenix (and it is really pretty but in a very different way than Maine is). I have been blessed with a really great family (and extended family),  and the best of friends (near and far from me). I have always been crafty (I think I get it from my Mom and Grandmother), however I only got my 1st sewing machine last May for my birthday and have fallen head over heels in love with sewing. I have a really great boyfriend who I wouldn’t trade for anything who helps feed my craft addiction and has a great sense of color and fabric taste even if he hates to admit it. I have a quirky sense of humor and a natural curiosity and interest in a variety of things. I do smoke but intend to try to quit this year, I quit drinking soda cold turkey last year so hopefully this will not be too hard. We currently rent a big 2 story house with a big backyard and have 2 roommates and a pool. I love almost all animals except for snakes and poisonous things (like spiders!). I miss the Ocean and keep telling the boy someday we’ll leave near it and in a place that has no poisonous creatures (we have poisonous spiders and scorpions in Arizona! And I come from a place were we had none!).

Information about the Boyfriend (My pet names for him are Mister Boy or Ryancakes), I would love something crafted for him:

Height: 6’4

Shoe: regular shoes: 12 1/2    Converse: 11 1/2

Hoodie/t-shirt size: 2XL-T (T is for Tall)

Exact measurements for anything else can be gotten by PMing me on Craftster or emailing me!

Likes: Math, Science, Physics, The Cheat (from, The Big Lebowski, The Suns (Arizona Basketball Team), College Basketball teams particularly Duke & ASU, Football team Arizona Cardinals or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Princess Bride Movie, Anything Final Fantasy,  Super loud Hawaiian Shirts, loves to cook, Video games in general, Fan of all the same TV shows as me as well as Top Gear! Huge, huge Terry Pratchett fan, Favorite color royal purple (dark) also likes dark-green dark-blue and black. Loves Guinness Beer, Is totally Irish, likes both pirates and ninjas preferring ninjas over pirates but believes pirates would win in a fight with ninjas. He is Sarcastic and Snarky and has a great sense of humor.

Favorite Shopping Websites to give you an idea of what I like or for family/friends where I like Gift Certificates from:

In no particular order:

Tiny Things are cute

JoAnn’s Craft Stores (my craft mecca)


Barnes and Noble


Michael’s Craft Stores (This place would also be a craft mecca except they don’t have fabric!!)

Hobby Lobby


Dunkin Donuts


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