Hiatus Over

So I had a hiatus from blogging but it is over now. It was a busy year, moved into a new house and just got engaged! We haven’t set a date yet still too busy to even sit down and think about it let alone plan for it and not sure exactly what sort of wedding we want anyway.

I took a smaller hiatus from crafting and swapping, I didn’t do any swaps until recently and while I still crafted my projects were smaller and not as many. I am getting back into the swing of things now, have a brand new craft room all set up and raring to go which is exciting to have a place for all my supplies! Putting together the new craft room made me realize 2 things, I have a lot of craft supplies and I need a lot more!

I have managed during my hiatus to pick up 2 new crafts, I have started embroidering and locker hooking. I had always thought embroidery was too intimidating and hard looking but I have been pleased to discover its actually pretty easy to start and I have even gotten a couple of friends started on it too! Locker Hooking is pretty easy too but time consuming if you start a big project like a rug…

If you’re looking for books to get into embroidery I have to recommend the Doodle Stitching series by Aimee Ray and anything by Jennie Hart. They have become my gotos for teaching myself this new craft. You can find their books on Amazon.

Next post I’ll put in some pictures of my latest craft exploits.


Owl Always be your Friend – Punch Needle Embroidery my 1st attempt

So I decided to give punch needle embroidery a try. I bought a kit in JoAnn’s (have to buy the needle punch and the embroidery hoop seperately which prolly cost me about 5 bucks altogether, but the kit comes with the fabric, design and thread you’ll need). I have to say once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy going and certainlyt something you could easily do while watching TV at night. It is also not as hard on your wrist/hand as actual hand sewing.  Anyway here are pics of my 1st needle punch project.

Close up of detail

Rainbows, Buttons and Beads, Oh My!

So here is my latest creation (click on pics for bigger views) the actual hanging is done on a 12 – inch embroidery hoop to give you an idea of the size.

I sort of counted the number of beads/buttons for red, orange and yellow but it was over 400+ so I stopped counting lol. Took me about a week of doing it while I watched TV at night, and of course greatly depleted my stash of colored buttons and beads but I think it was worth it!

Questions and comments welcome!


So experimenting with some geometric inchies, some swap and stampy inchies… unfortunately my camera battery is low and when it is it always takes worse pictures, seems to mess with its lighting and color abilities. So the colors are a bit off and the pics a little blurry but here they are anyway. I am having fun experimenting with some of the shapes and I like seeing what else I can come up with.

Mr. Gnome (his name is Sprockets)

I did this doodle last night, freehand while watching TV. I didn’t plan it just kind of let it go wherever it wanted. It is done on an old book page with sharpies markers and is also the first gnome I have ever drawn. Not perfect but he came out cute so I grabbed an old frame and matte I had lying around and stuck him in it.

Was hard to get a good pic of him because the glass in the frame kept catching my flash so I tried doing it from an angle, still got some glare but it is good enough to show the basic idea.

What I have been up to craft wise!

So Warning and disclaimer if your name is Kate and we are currently partnered in a swap on Craftsters then you shouldn’t read this post any further lol.

Okay everyone else… here’s what I have been working on, or at least some of it anyway…

A knitting needle roll (can also be used for paint brushes or whatever else) it was on my partner’s wist and I had the skull fabric so I figured I’d give it a whirl as I have never made one and had no pattern I just winged it on my own. There are three tiers for needles as well as the bottom tier has a few wider slots for circular needles and double ended needles. My Partner had said she liked tattoo art as well so I printed off some tattoo art I had (I didn’t draw them but I did color several of them in photoshop first as they had been black and white). I printed them off on iron on fabric and ironed them on. Anyway here it is (Can click on the pics for bigger pics!)

Also my first Altered Art puzzle made from a Dollar Store Nemo puzzle that had 25 pieces

And a half apron

And a couple cute spring purses:

And a ton of other small things but I haven’t taken pics of them yet…. so that’s what I have been up to how about you?

Whimsy lamp

I created a crafty/gift preferences page so swap partners and friends would have inspiration for swaps and holiday gifts as I hate making lists you can find the link on the right in orange if you’re curious. I will add more info to it as I think of it.

NOW onto the awesome!!

Okay so here is the prize I won for best container in the JOW VII swap on craftster recently.

It is a Whimsy Lamp, that you can take the Whimsies out of. Please excuse my messy craft table I cleaned up only enough to take the picture.

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