Owl Always be your Friend – Punch Needle Embroidery my 1st attempt

So I decided to give punch needle embroidery a try. I bought a kit in JoAnn’s (have to buy the needle punch and the embroidery hoop seperately which prolly cost me about 5 bucks altogether, but the kit comes with the fabric, design and thread you’ll need). I have to say once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy going and certainlyt something you could easily do while watching TV at night. It is also not as hard on your wrist/hand as actual hand sewing.  Anyway here are pics of my 1st needle punch project.

Close up of detail


Rainbows, Buttons and Beads, Oh My!

So here is my latest creation (click on pics for bigger views) the actual hanging is done on a 12 – inch embroidery hoop to give you an idea of the size.

I sort of counted the number of beads/buttons for red, orange and yellow but it was over 400+ so I stopped counting lol. Took me about a week of doing it while I watched TV at night, and of course greatly depleted my stash of colored buttons and beads but I think it was worth it!

Questions and comments welcome!

Whimsy Books

So I came up with the idea for the JOW Swap I was in a while back since the stocking I made wouldn’t hold nearly all the whimsies I also created a Whimsy book. The idea was that you could organize and display your whimsies until you needed them and then you could just cut them out of the book when you had a project that called for it. I posted pics of the original one I made a while back in this blog, the reason I am writing about it again is that in the swap they had a contest for the best container and I won!! I really didn’t expect to even place because there were soooo many really good containers but I did and my prize is a Whimsy Lamp filled with Whimsies. Also stemming from that swap I ended up doing a personal swap with someone who loved the whimsy book so she could have her own. This one is different then the first by the idea is the same and since she liked the Whimsy tree so much in the 1st one I included a version in hers.

Here’s the link to the other containers that were in the contest with mine, and a link to the swap gallery so you can see the packages everyone got! It’s a really big gallery with many pages because there were about 40 other people in the swap.

Click on the pictures below to see BIGGER pictures of each page!

My Kingdom for a bowl!

Okay I am in a rush so here is a quick post of what I worked on today. Coiled bowls!

Fabric Whimsy book

I have been busy! I got my stuff sent off for my whimsy swap which was well received by my partner which was the most important thing to me! I do also secretly hold out hope to win the overall contest for the best container but even if I lose I am more than okay with it because the most important thing is that my swap partner was really pleased with it and so appreciative! A lot of times you do a swap and people say thank you (although twice I have had partners who didn’t even say thanks or post pics of what they got) but you might wonder if they’re just being nice. Mamaphunk however sent such a nice private message thank you to me and I know she really appreciated the work I put in and could see I tried really hard to make her a package she would be over the moon to receive (and she was!). So I feel pretty good about it and knowing she’s happy is what mattered most to me though I was really pleased everyone else seemed to like my stuff too (I got a bunch of nice comments on it and even someone who wants to do a personal swap with me!). I am really excited to do a personal swap, I love getting presents in the mail and I haven’t done any personal swaps on craftster yet. To boot this particular Swapper lives not too far away from me!

Here is the other container I included in the Whimsy Swap, it is a book of whimsies which has pockets to hold whimsies and lots of whimsies sewn on individually, they can be clipped off as needed and the rest of the whimsies should stay put. It makes it nice I thought because it helps display and keep the whimsies organized until you want them. And after cutting off the Whimsies you still have pockets and some decorations like the Whimsy tree was embroidered on the outline so even if you clip off all the buttons and the beads and hearts in the leaves the outline of the tree and the green felt leaves will still be there as will the pockets so you can still use the fabric book even after you take all the whimsies out.

Okay so here’s the pics:

Ps. The monkey is a magnet held to the fabric book with double sided tape



What you can do with the smallest ordinary things!

So also for my whimsy swap I need to make 3 handcrafted whimsies. I had been thinking about something I wanted to try for a while so I whipped up a few tonight to see how the idea worked. I have to say it was easy and really cute. One of the things I love about crafting is taking the ordinary and making it into something new and kind of clever. Also this craft… unbelievably cheap! I got the clothes pins at Walmart (yeah yeah I hate it but when you want clothespins for an experiment at 10pm where else are you going to go) they were a 1.54 for 100 I think… if I ever make and sell this I will splurge and get some somewhere else as these are a little loose in the hinge so if you’re not careful you can pull the handles a little out of alignment, now they move right back and it doesn’t affect them at all its just a matter of wanting a little more quality.

So here is what I did… Understand I had to take most of the photos at an angle to prevent glare so that’s why you can see the backs and the sides of the wood, whenyou look at them straight on you can’t see any of the wood.

They are made by just using regular old clothes pins, some fancy paper, pictures, buttons etc whatever embellishments you like and a little bit of sticky magnetic tape cut to fit the width of the wood on the back. I have three of them holding up the card with my username on them but one can easily hold it up by itself, I was just having a hard time squishing them close enough to get a good pic of them all at the same time. I love them and think they’re too cute, hopefully my swap partner will too.


JOW Swap

So one of my xmas presents was I get to do a craft swap… I love craft swaps and they’re not really expensive but since both Mister boy and I are unemployed cash is always tight. This past spring/summer when we had more cash coming in I did several swaps and found them addicitng! I love getting mail and getting cool stuff made for me by a stranger and sent to me is like having a small birthday! Not to mention I love to craft and its fun to do so within a theme for someone else. I stopped doing craft swaps way back in order to prepare for the gifts I was making for christmas for people, and because I couldn’t justify the extra expense of the shipping even though I ship my stuff cheap and don’t participate in out of country swaps I still feel immensely guilty for the cost of shipping, so to make myself feel better for xmas I saved the cost of shipping so I could do a craft swap after the Holidays.

The swap theme is Jar of Whimsies #7 I participated in a past JOW  swap and really enjoyed it so when I saw they were running another one I chose that one. Not sure what a Jar of Whimsies really is? Take a gander at the last one I sent out.

It is filled with all manner of tiny and cute things. Ribbons, feathers, little charms, beads, buttons, flowers, die-cuts, Chinese coins, pressed rose petals, little toys, tiny books… basically anything smallish and cute can go in a Jar of Whimsies.  The great part about it is it is mainly stuff you already have lying around the house in the junk draw collecting dust so it really only costs the shipping to send one which isn’t much as you get the flat rate box and everything is small enough to fit inside.

But that’s not all… there is also a contest for the best “Jar” container that holds the whimsies, see the last entries here! All very impressive and for the record the cake “jar” isn’t a real cake someone made it to look like one which I thought was pretty cool!

The other part of the swap is what I really want to talk about though, you’re supposed to create at least 3 of the whimsies you send in your “jar” and of course you want your container to be awesome so you might win the contest (which is a huuuuuge pack of whimsies in addition to what you get in the swap from the Whimsy Queen who organized the swap).

My Swap partner Mamaphunk said in her swap questionarre that she’s really, really into Matryoshka dolls. Those are those Russian dolls inside of dolls inside of dolls etc. I actually have a beautiful set from Russia that my friend Ulyanna gave me but I wouldn’t part with them so I have been working on my own version…. I think this will be my container for the swap.

It is waaay more adorable in person but it fits with the theme of the dolls inside dolls inside dolls… and I will fill the stocking itself with my little whimsies. The plaid dollies are actually one piece and are a card with a message to my swap partner on the back. I thought it all came out pretty good… personally I am not crazy over the teal and hot pink together but they were listed by my partner as 2 out of her 3 favorite colors and it was the felt I had on hand so I went with it. Hopefully she can use it next Christmas and the front doll on the stocking in case you missed it in the second picture is a pocket with a snap so one could put a gift card in it, the 2nd doll is a gift card holder but as I wasn’t giving a gift card in the swap I just filled it with the plaid dolly card.

I’ll be figuring out what whimsies to make next, luckily I have a lot of supplies and got craftstore gift card so already had purchased supplies I thought I might need before I even signed up for the swap. I can’t wait to see what my partner makes and sends me!

Anyone who is reading this and is interested in the swaps should check out www.craftster.com, specifically the swaps going on area here and the gallery of stuff from swaps that already happened here.

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