Embroidery – Tea Towels

So I got a JoAnn’s coupon for 5 dollars off any one item not on sale. I had already promised my friend Gretchen I’d make her a sugar skull tea towel like mine and I wanted to do one for my mom too so I bought a couple packs (which I normally don’t as they’re pricey for dish towels with nothing on them) of the flour sack dish clothes in JoAnn’s.

Here is the one I did for my Mom, it is retro and has two designs one on either end so she can display whichever she wants, I covered the back in some pretty soft butterfly print I got from Mister Boy’s mom (the Craftessa as I call her). This are like jumbo dish towels too, they measure 28″ X 28″ and they are charming made from 130 count cotton and their shape is slightly irregular but they come hemmed on all sides and prewashed and bleached. They are found in JoAnn’s near the embroidery stuff and are called “Aunt Martha’s Premium Flour Sack Dish Towels” in case anyone wants to get their own…

Okay here is the one for my mom:


Close ups of each figure:



And cup and silverware:

I actually cheated a little on cup I drew in his eyes and eyelashes with a fine tipped black sharpie marker since I didn’t think I could get my satin stitches to be so neat with that notch in his eyes and I loved how they came out. I also dig the silver silverware in stem stitch. The colors on all the photos are a bit off as they originally came out too dark and I had to mess with the brightness and contrast in Gimp to get a clear pick, I used mostly satin floss on my mom’s and on Chen Chens I used a mix of satin and regular floss as I don’t have many colors yet in satin floss and its expensive!



Here is the one for Gretchen, or as I like to call her Chen-Chen (I’ll send it as soon as I finish the little gifts I am making for her germ merchants ((aka kiddos)) )

Yes the back of hers is covered in a Sugar Skull cotton print and the edges of hers are done in black double folded bias tape instead of just being topstitched like the one I did for my mom.

Here is an upclose of the sugar skull embroidery:


I have a few other people I’d like to make them for (especially Auntie and the Craftessa) so we’ll see how far I get as I still owe Cyn something embroidered and there are many birthdays coming up on the horizon.


Ps. Cyn if you’re reading this… And then they hated each other, embroidery is definitely on my short list of get to its I promise!





Embroidery Adventures

So here are my first two embroidered pieces. The fan girl is for a friend to commemorate her bday trip to vegas, the sugar skull is my 1st piece done on a dollar store dishtowel. Always practice on something cheap first!

Owl Always be your Friend – Punch Needle Embroidery my 1st attempt

So I decided to give punch needle embroidery a try. I bought a kit in JoAnn’s (have to buy the needle punch and the embroidery hoop seperately which prolly cost me about 5 bucks altogether, but the kit comes with the fabric, design and thread you’ll need). I have to say once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy going and certainlyt something you could easily do while watching TV at night. It is also not as hard on your wrist/hand as actual hand sewing.  Anyway here are pics of my 1st needle punch project.

Close up of detail